Easter Sales for Downtown Lynchburg Shopping in April 2019

The Easter Bunny has visited Downtown Lynchburg, leaving a lot of special savings for savvy bargain hunters. Whether you walk, park or take the bus, you’ll find great savings at several of our favorite Downtown Lynchburg shopping destinations. Keep reading below to see Downtown Lynchburg deals for Easter during the month of April 2019.

Accents Flags and Gifts

Accents Flags and Gifts (credit)

1716 Main St, Lynchburg, Virginia


April Sale

Accents is offering select Easter items up to 50% off. Just visit the store to view their wide selection of flags, gifts, home decor and garden supplies. It’s a great place to start your Downtown Lynchburg shopping. Offer available now through April 21, 2019.

About Accents

Locally owned in Downtown Lynchburg on Main Street since 1990. Accents has a full array of ever changing products for a unique shopping experience. No matter the season or the reason, we have the perfect gifts and décor that you are looking for. We invite you to stop by for Great Gifts and wonderful decorating ideas to make your home and garden warm and inviting for family, friends and you! To read more about Accents Flags and Gifts, CLICK HERE.

Deniece’s Stained Glass Designs

Deniece’s Stained Glass Designs (credit)

Lynchburg Community Market at 1219 Main Street and Spearman Artisanry at 919 Main Street


April Sale

For Easter, Deniece is offering 10% off any item priced $20 or more. This sale runs now through April 21, 2019.

About Deniece

Denise Ehlers created beautiful stained glass designs in Lynchburg, Va. Her work includes stained glass sun catchers and panels. She’s been selling at the Lynchburg Community Market for several years. View more of her work on HER FACEBOOK PAGE.

Grains of Sense

Grains of Sense (credit)

Lynchburg Community Market at 1219 Main Street


April Sale

Purchase two bags of our fresh-roasted, Grains of Sense coffees, or, purchase two boxes of our Grains of Sense teas, get a complimentary cup of coffee or tea. Available now through April 21, 2019.

About Grains of Sense

All Grains of Sense coffees are roasted by Tom, founder of Grains of Sense. Tom roasts each round of coffee, be it one pound or eleven pounds. Roasting Coffee is Tom’s passion, purpose and privilege. To learn more about Grains of Sense, visit THEIR WEBSITE.

Oshun Organics

Wishing Wand Bubble Bar from Oshun Organics (credit)

Lynchburg Community Market at 1219 Main Street


April Sale

Get a free wishing wand bubble bar with your purchase of $25 or more. Limit 1 per customer. Available now through April 21, 2019.

About Oshun Organics

Oshun Organics, LLC is a combination of modern Beauty practices utilizing science and Cosmeceuticals, with Yoruba, Ayurveda & Egyptian medicine for an exciting New Age personal care experience.

Inspired and influenced by culture, our mission is to energize you to explore and connect with the great big world around you, while making sure you practice self-care and thoughtfulness.

Our Indie Brand ethically sources plant-based, quality ingredients from all over the world, in order to craft our unique & natural Bath and Beauty creations. We infuse intention and positive energy into each product we make. Our ingredient lists are always FREE from Synthetic fragrance, and your purchase always promotes sustainable growing practices and Artisan production. With products made by hand, infused with Herbs, Botanicals, and Crystals and packaged in biodegradable materials, caring for your skin can now be an insightful, thoughtful and simple experience.

NEVER tested on animals, *Vegan formulas made without synthetic fragrances. We also strive to source *plant-based colorants. You can read more about their products ON THEIR WEBSITE.

Spearman Artisanry

New floral necklace designs by Jannett Spearman (credit)

Boutique at 919 Main Street and Lynchburg Community Market at 1219 Main Street

Deals PageFacebook

April Sale

Get up to 50% off your purchase. Choose an egg at checkout to discover your savings. Limit 1 chance per customer. Now through April 21, 2019. See sale page for additional details

About Spearman Artisanry

Spearman Artisanry brings you handcrafted gifts from artisans both in the US and around the globe. It’s one of the best kept secrets for Downtown Lynchburg Shops! All of our goods are either fair trade or made locally to ensure that each piece matches our ethical and quality standards. In fact, the owner, Jannett Spearman sources all of the items in our Lynchburg shop directly from the artists. At Spearman Artisanry, we hope that you, our lovely customers, will enjoy each of these heirloom-quality pieces for a lifetime. You can read more of OUR STORY HERE.

Willow Breezes

Sterling Silver Jewelry from Willow Breezes (credit)

Lynchburg Community Market at 1219 Main Street


April Sale

Get 20% off all fashion jewelry now through April 21, 2019.

About Willow Breezes

Small locally owned boutique in the heart of downtown Lynchburg. Offering trendy clothes, jewelry, and accessories. Perfect for yourself or as a gift!

Shop Downtown Lynchburg

Downtown Lynchburg, Virginia (credit)

We hope you’ll visit all of the great shops in Downtown Lynchburg during our April Sales Events. See you soon!


Spearman Artisanry Announces Grand Opening Celebration

We’re pleased to announce the Grand Opening Celebration for our new storefront at 919 Main Street. The event will be held on Saturday, September 15th from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. During the event, you can enjoy seeing the revitalized building filled with quality handcrafted gifts from around the world.

Our new shop resides in the former location for Buckingham & Flippin Jewelers and Opticians in Downtown Lynchburg. The renovations have updated the building while retaining the original glamour of the structure including crystal chandeliers, concave ceilings and restored jewelry cases. Check out the transformation photos below.

Refacing the Exterior

Restoring the Interior


While the process took some time, we are so proud of the final results.

“We are so excited about how things are coming together . The building has returned to its former beauty and, we’re so grateful to everyone who has helped us along the way.” – Jannett Spearman

Thanks Lynchburg!

To show our gratitude, we have been posting on the shop’s Facebook page about the local contractors, professionals, city employees and friends who have supported us along this journey.

Previously, we sold handmade gifts, clothing, jewelry and home goods only through the Lynchburg Community Market and local events. But now, the new Main Street location allows us to expand our brand and reach more customers. 

We hope you’ll join us!

Visit our Facebook page for more details about the event including giveaways.

+ photo of alpaca, spearman gets our alpaca clothing from peru

Why We Source our Alpaca Clothing from Peru

From winter hats and snuggly socks to fashionable capes and sweaters, we source most of our alpaca clothing from Peru. Several times a year, owner Jannett Spearman hops on a plane to find new inventory. Her standards are high as she looks for the best goods to stock the shop.

Alpaca Clothing from Peru

When it comes to alpaca wool clothing, Peru provides the majority of exports next to Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador and Chile. Alpacas enjoy living in high altitudes. This makes their wool thick and warm. Because they thrive in Peru, the animals have become a dear part of not only the Peruvian economy but also, their heritage.

Peru Map

Map of Peru (source)

The Andean people have many legends about alpacas and see them as a significant figure in their cultural history. The Peruvian flag even has an alpaca on the shield.

Peruvian Flag (source)

So, what makes alpaca clothing from Peru so special? Keep reading to find out why.

Highest Quality Wool

Alpaca wool fiber is revered for its high quality. The wool can become heavy or lightweight depending on how it is spun. In contrast to sheep’s wool, alpaca wool doesn’t prick your skin. Also, alpacas don’t produce lanolin. So, the wool is hypoallergenic.

White Women's Alpaca Sweater, Alpaca clothing from Peru

White and Blue Women’s Alpaca Sweater/Cardigan with Llama design (L-XL)

By starting with such a high quality wool, the garments become a much higher quality overall. They are soft and warm yet, breathable. If you want to make sure you take good care of alpaca wool clothing, read more about how to maintain them properly in How to Clean and Store Alpaca Sweaters.

Relationships with Artisans

Jannett has lived in Peru at different times during her adult life. Even today, she maintains relationships with artisans in Peru. This allows her to source clothing directly from makers in the country.

Green Women's Alpaca Sweater from Spearman Artisanry

Green Women’s Alpaca Sweater/Cardigan with Llama design (L-XL)

By working directly with people in Peru, Jannett helps individuals with their business. Instead of relying on a middle man, she knows who made the products.

Ensuring Fair Trade

Fair trade is typified by several key practices. First, fair trade helps lower poverty. Instead of receiving charity, people working in fair trade business relationships are building a stable income for themselves. Second, fair trade ensures ethical treatment of workers. In contrast to sweatshops, the artisans who make these alpaca goods work for themselves. Often, they work out of their homes with family members or friends to produce these clothes. Third, fair trade encourages environmentally sustainable methods. The rearing of alpacas, treatment of wool and creation of the garments do not use mass-production methods.

Red Women's Alpaca Sweater

Red Women’s Alpaca Sweater/Cardigan with Llama design (L-XL)

Part of the mission of Spearman Artisanry is to support our makers, especially those in South America. By purchasing directly from artisans, and visiting them in person, Jannett can ensure the process by which the goods were produced.

Shop Alpaca Clothing

If you are interested in ethical, high quality clothing, then you’ll love the alpaca garments at Spearman Artisanry. Every item is unique and well-made because we get them from amazing artisans . You can get your own alpaca clothing from Peru by shopping at our store in Lynchburg or in our online shop.

+ Alpaca Clothing for Women

The Most Popular Alpaca Clothing Styles for Women

This fall, you can pair alpaca sweaters from Peru with the season’s major trends. From many designers, we’re seeing shocking color combinations, soft fabrics and a resurgence of classic lines. Across New York, Paris and France, autumn styles shine with your favorite wool threads. Keep reading below to see the top ways to work alpaca clothing for women into your wardrobe.

Primaries & Pastels

Last year’s monochromatic looks have morphed to mix primaries with pastels. We’re seeing millennial pink paired with bright reds, yellows and blues. 

According to Vogue, “A few years ago, pale mint and lavender might have felt toothache-sweet in the middle of February. But in 2018, we’re seeing Easter-egg hues everywhere, from powder blue to chiffon yellow and Creamsicle orange.”

To create this look, add a bright sweater to pastel jean of the same color family. Pair a hunter green sweater with a mint trouser or a royal blue sweater with a Tiffany blue pant. Take your look one step beyond monochromatic styles by mixing your hues in a single color family.

New Nordic

If you’re still hot for Hygge, you’ll love the New Nordic look. It’s icy and adventurous, with even lighter tones than last winter. “As mystifying as the trend’s (Hygge) arrival may be, what is clear is our cue to shop some deliciously comforting clothing in Scandi shades of oatmeal, greige and mink,” explains Who What Wear.

For this outfit, start with a white or tan ankle boot that reminds you of stomping through the snow. Layer that with bright white denim and a cream sweater.

What’s cooler than being cool?

This look.

Loose Layers

Channel your inner Stevie Nicks with loose layers. While the boho chic trend cycles each season, this year is distinctly feminine and funky. W Magazine proclaims, “Major outerwear moments…will make you want to bundle up for the next bomb cyclone.”

This outfit mixes rich materials like alpaca wool, hemp and suede for a distinctly current look. Keep the details lady-like and you’ll steer clear of the early 2000s bag lady style.

Show Us Your Style

We’d love to see how your wear your Alpaca fashions. Follow us on Facebook and tag @spearmanartisanry in your favorite photos. Hope to see your fair trade style soon!


Shop more alpaca clothing for women in our online store.

+ Alpaca wool from Peru

How to Clean and Store Alpaca Sweaters

If you recently bought an Alpaca sweater, you likely fell in love with the soft, pliable wool and the beautiful, rich color. Like any beloved article of clothing, you’ll want to make it last as long as possible.

Although alpaca wool is a luxurious material, it’s easy to clean and preserve. You just need to understand the wool’s characteristics and follow the tips below. Then, you’ll get to enjoy your beautiful sweater for years to come.


Alpaca Wool Characteristics

A natural fiber harvested from alpacas, alpaca wool can be either heavy or light weight. It just depends on how the fibers are spun. Also, the breed of the Alpaca, and the region where they live, creates a variation in wool quality. If you want to know more about the origins of a particular garment, just ask the seller. They can usually tell you more about where the wool was harvested.

Alpaca wool is similar to sheep’s wool but is warmer, softer and has no lanolin. The lack of lanolin makes it naturally hypoallergenic. Other notable characteristics include:

  • Soft
  • Durable
  • Silky
  • Water-repellent
  • Resistant to pilling

Many products are made from alpaca wool using a similar process for other wood. This includes preparing, carding, spinning, weaving and finishing. The end result is a soft, rich knit that most people prefer over “itchy” sheep’s wool.

How to Clean Alpaca Sweaters

After you purchase an Alpaca wool sweater, proper cleaning can extend the wear. In general, this soft wool requires gentle cleaning. So, be careful to use cold water and soft cleaning products. Also, a professional dry cleaner can easily clean your sweater. Just be sure to specify that it’s Alpaca wool when you drop it off.

  1. Fill a clean sink or tub with cold water and a small amount of mild liquid detergent. Avoid products like chlorine bleach or normal detergents.

Pro Tip: Hot water will “shock fibers. They will mat together or start turning into felt.

  1. For 5 minutes, soak the sweater. Gently work the suds through.

Pro Tip: Don’t twist, wring or scrub the sweater.

  1. Rinse the garment in clean, cold water. Run the water two times to remove all of the soap.
  2. Gently squeeze your sweater to remove extra water. Don’t wring it!
  3. Lay the sweater in between two soft, clean towels. Roll them up and set aside for 10 minutes.
  4. Remove the sweater from the towels and place on a dry towel or sweater rack. Carefully shape the sweater.
  5. Allow the sweater to dry while laying flat. Keep away from sunlight and direct heat.

If you have any specific questions about your sweater, talk to the seller. They can give you tips on how to care for your item.

How to Store Alpaca Sweaters

During the off season, you may choose to pack away your Alpaca clothing. Clean it first, using the instructions above. Then, you can carefully store it for the warm weather months.

  1. Identify the most common pests in your area and select repellants. Cedar chips repel most insects. Lavender bunches, or chemical mothballs, discourage moths.
  2. Pack the sweater in a shirt box, pillow case, paper bag or cardboard box. This will keep the air circulating. Avoid plastic bags as this encourages moisture.
  3. Fold your garment carefully to avoid stretching or misshaping.

If you store your sweater carefully, it should last much longer. Then, you’ll get to enjoy an alpaca wool sweater that is as soft as the day you bought it.

Tell Us Your Thoughts!

We’d love to hear what you thought of this article. Do you have any questions or tips? Just let us know in the comments.

Also, if you enjoyed this article, please share it on Facebook.

+ Fair Trade Jewelry from Spearman Artisanry

Your Guide to Buying Fair Trade Jewelry

“I’ve turned my passion for hand-crafted gifts into a globally-minded business, providing an outlet for artists and artisans to share their work with the world.” – Jannett Spearman, Owner Spearman Artisanry

Recently, you may have seen the label Fair Trade attached to some cute jewelry collections. While your love of the unique designs may have sparked your initial interest, it may have also exposed you to a thoughtful movement. Fair Trade extends far beyond coffee and clothing to the jewelry industry. As shoppers have become concerned with stories about international sweatshops, you may have noticed an uptick in advertising that labels jewelry as Fair Trade.

However, it can be confusing. Sometimes, the issue gets cloudy when fair trade items are advertised alongside similar, sweatshop items. Below is our quick guide to buying Fair Trade jewelry.

What Does Fair Trade Mean?

Fair Trade Artisans in Peru

Jannett Spearman, Owner (left) visits artisans in Peru to source new inventory.

If you’re not sure what the term Fair Trade means, you’re not alone. In fact, it was just recently added to the Encyclopedia Britannica. Essentially, it’s a movement with the goal of helping producers in developing countries get a fair price for their products. This helps lower poverty, ensures ethical treatment of workers and encourages environmentally sustainable methods.

Awareness for Fair Trade products is slowly growing. In recent years, Americans have started to consider how goods are produced. This has pressured several Major retailers to examine buying and production practices.

To summarize, Fair Trade focuses on “Three Core Beliefs”:

  • Producers have the power to express unity with consumers.
  • Current world trade practices promote unequal distribution of wealth between nations.
  • Buying products at a fair price is a more efficient way of promoting sustainable development than charity.

Lock Hughes details this in the article “What Fair Trade Actually Means—and 4 Products You Can Feel Good About Buying.”

How Does Fair Trade Benefit Communities?

  1. It helps ensure basic human rights for farmers and workers around the world.
  2. The practice benefits the planet.
  3. The farmers, workers, and fisherman behind each product earn extra money with every sale.

If you hold similar values, then you’ll want to consider buying jewelry from ethical sources.


How Do I Find Fair Trade Jewelry?

Finding Fair Trade jewelry is easy. You just need to ask the right questions. Then, you can make an informed purchase. Below are the questions you should ask to find out if jewelry is fair trade.

1.Which countries supply your jewelry?

This question provides insight into the source of the product. For example, some countries have a long history of sweatshops where workers are subjected to unfair wages and unsafe conditions.

The US Department of Labor lists several countries that regularly use child labor or forced labor. Although the organization may not be purchasing from a sweatshop, this question offers insight into their intentions. If they have intentionally set up relationships with responsible groups or directly with makers, they will express that immediately. If they seem unaware or uninterested in the labor conditions of the exporting country, their jewelry may not be Fair Trade.

By asking this question, you can start a conversation about the working conditions of their artisans.

2.How do you select your makers?

Most organizations select providers based on price. While this isn’t a bad thing, the jewelry may not be Fair Trade. Look for companies that have relationships with their artisans or a connection to the local community. Then, they’ll be more interested and engaged with the working conditions and wages of the workers.

3.How do you pay your artists?

This question can be complex. However, the answer should be simple. You just want to make sure the money isn’t going through a middleman that delays payment or takes a large cut. Ideally, workers should be paid quickly and fairly for the jewelry they make. If you get an answer that sounds like money funnels through several channels or groups to reach workers, it might not be Fair Trade. Try to find businesses that buy directly from the makers and pay artists promptly.

4.What is your mission?

Typically, businesses and organizations that focus on Fair Trade build their business around supporting the workers. These companies know the working conditions. Their owners visit makers regularly. They listen to the stories from those communities. Their mission will reflect this focus.

Simply ask about their mission. You should be able to trace their business model back to a desire to help makers in specific communities.



A Little Research

Often, you can find this information on an organization’s website or by talking to someone at the company. If an organization offers Fair Trade goods, they’ll be more than happy to explain their process and show you more about how they help maker communities around the world. If you want to know more about Fair Trade or how Spearman Artisanry sources our products, feel free to contact us. We’d love to talk to you!

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+ Spearman Artisanry at Lynchburg Community Market

Christmas Gift Ideas for Every Lady in Your Life

The quest for the perfect holiday present starts with inspiration, from the personality of the recipient. We’ve collected a list of Christmas gift ideas for every lady in your life that you can shop at Spearman Artisanry, online or in store. Each of these gifts is handmade either by Jannett Spearman or Fair Trade artisans in South America.

For the Maker

xmas gift fb, maker

Get It

If you are shopping for a woman who likes to work with her hands, consider a soft, slouchy headband. When she gets pulled into a project, she’ll use it to keep her hair out of her face. This Peruvian orange stripe headband is both practical and stylish, complementing all hair colors and styles.

*This is a Fair Trade Gift.

For the Traveler

xmas gift fb,traveller

Get It

Whether your lady prefers to travel by train, plane or running sneakers, she’ll appreciate a new warm winter hat. An essential wardrobe basic, this unisex beanie was handcrafted by artisans in Peru. The band stretches to 24”, so that she can either pull it over her hair or tuck a bun inside.

*This is a Fair Trade Gift.

For the Fashionista

xmas gift fb,fashion

Get It

Encourage your gal’s fashion addiction with trendy ear gear. She’ll love this take on the Southwestern trend with hand crocheted cactus earrings. Made from enameled copper wire, these baubles will inspire her next outfit.

*This is handmade by Jannett Spearman.

For the Foodie

xmas gift fb,foodie

Get It

If you know a woman who can’t eat without taking a photo of her dish, delight her this holiday with a pleasant pineapple earring. Celebrate the most friendly fruit by gifting these hand crocheted pineapple earrings. Made from enameled copper wire, these dangling drops will make her smile.

*This is handmade by Jannett Spearman.

For the Hostess

xmas gift fb,hostess


Get It

After the meal is made and the appetizers are served, the “hostess with the mostess” slips off her apron into something pretty. This year, give her a rabbit blend ruana to wrap those hard-working shoulders. This ruana adds a pop of color to her outfit after she finishes party prep.

*This is a Fair Trade Gift.

For the Homebody

xmas gift fb,homebody

Get It

How about some Hygge for your homebody? Add some global style to her sofa with this red, heart-shaped pillow. The hand-embroidered design is crafted by artisans in Ayacucho, Peru and will pop in any living space.

*This is a Fair Trade Gift.

For the Nature Lover

xmas gift fb, nature

Get It

Join with your lady as she celebrates the beauty of nature with this handmade “Tree of Life” keychain. The “Tree of Life” has a variety of meanings which includes knowledge, wisdom, and an insight within one’s self. If she are on a quest to find awareness and knowledge, this keychain will refocus her at a glance.

*This is a Fair Trade Gift.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Great Christmas gift ideas start by considering the personality of the recipient. Each of these gifts are ethically sourced, thoughtful and personal. If you don’t see an item to match a special lady in your life, please reach out to us. We’d be happy to help you select or design the perfect piece.

Christmas gift ideas


+ Fair Trade Children's Shoes

Everything You Need to Know About Fair Trade

At Spearman Artisanry, we primarily offer Fair Trade products both in our store and online. Most of these are from countries in South America and created by artisans that the owner, Jannett Spearman knows personally. So, we describe our shop as “A Fair Trade Boutique.” This means that we purposefully select clothing, jewelry, accessories and homegoods that follow Fair Trade principles.

This matters to us because we have a personal connection with makers and care about the economies of developing nations. If you feel similarly, you might be interested in learning more about Fair Trade. Below is everything you need to know about Fair Trade.

What is “Fair Trade”?

A relatively new social movement, Fair Trade aims to help producers in developing countries through better trading terms, better working conditions, and sustainable production methods. Often, this means that the prices of items are higher than other imported goods because the workers make fair wages and work in safer conditions. In an age where unethical labor practices dominate the international marketplace, Fair Trade companies offer an alternative for thoughtful consumers.

Fair Trade promotes greater equity in international trading partnerships through dialogue, transparency and respect. They want to secure the rights of marginalized producers and workers in developing countries. Fair Trade focuses on “Three Core Beliefs” to help producers in developing countries:

  • Producers have the power to express unity with consumers
  • Current world trade practices promote unequal distribution of wealth between nations
  • Buying products from producers in developing countries at a fair price is a more efficient way of promoting sustainable development than charity or aid.

Which Goods Need Fair Trade?

The U.S. Department of Labor lists some of the worst offenders of forced and child labor by product and country. There are many common items that are typically made with child labor or forced labor. Worse yet, many of these goods are created in unsafe working conditions. If bought from overseas, the following items are often made using unethical labor:

  • Accessories, especially handbags
  • Carpets
  • Chocolate
  • Clothing
  • Cocoa
  • Coffee
  • Coal
  • Cotton
  • Diamonds
  • Gold
  • Electronic Devices
  • Leather
  • Rice
  • Rubber
  • Tobacco
  • Sugarcane

Recently, stories of clothing and accessory factories have made the news with many popular brands accused of operating sweatshops.

How do you shop “Fair Trade”?

While there are certifiers, the movement is somewhat new and still defining its practices. So, the best way to shop “Fair Trade” is to do your own research. Get to know the people behind the companies and the workers that they employ. Instead of falling for slick marketing, you will likely need to communicate with a store owner or importer to understand how they source their goods. Then, you will get a better picture of how those items are produced and imported to America.

Fair Trade Alpaca Scarf

Handmade in Peru

What make Spearman Artisanry “A Fair Trade Boutique”?

Spearman Artisanry brings you handcrafted gifts from artisans both in the US and around the globe. Our goods are primarily fair trade or made locally to ensure that each piece matches our ethical and quality standards. In fact, the owner, Jannett Spearman sources all of the items in our shop directly from the artists.

Jannett started her career in Peru which included learning how to make jewelry by hand. Additionally, she worked alongside her husband and family as a part of various international ministries and nonprofits. Now, her jewelry business has expanded into a fair trade boutique.

Part of the mission of Spearman Artisanry is to support our artists, especially those in South America. By purchasing directly from artisans, and visiting them in person, Jannett can ensure the process by which the goods were produced. Mostly, these are family businesses where relatives work together to handmake homegoods, accessories and clothing.

Everything in Spearman Artisanry is…

  • Ethically Sourced: Jannett knows each of the artisans personally, allowing her to ensure they are treated fairly.
  • Fairly Priced: We want to share our artist’s work with as many people as possible and keeping fair prices allows us to reach more shoppers.
  • High Quality: We only sell items of the highest quality handmade by artists and artisans around the world.
  • Unique to You: All of our gifts bear a bespoke quality and many are one-of-a-kind.

If you want to know more about Fair Trade or how Spearman Artisanry sources our products, feel free to contact us. We’d love to talk to you more about how to be a thoughtful consumer. Stay in touch with us by following our Facebook page.

+ Fair Trade Christmas Gifts

Five Ways to Save on Christmas Gifts

“Maybe Christmas, the Grinch thought, doesn’t come from a store.” – Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas


When it comes to shopping for Christmas gifts, you can quickly get overwhelmed with the cost of giving. Even if you plan and save for the season, saving a little on gifts is always welcome. At Spearman Artisanry, we love helping our customers find great, valuable gifts. So, we’ve put together a list to help you save on Christmas gifts this year.

Ask the Recipient

Nothing is more disappointing than spending big bucks on a surprise gift that the recipient doesn’t want. Instead of splurging on something unexpected, ask the recipient what they would like for Christmas. Often their choice is more cost-effective than your guess.

Make a List and Compare Prices

The Balance recommends starting with a good list so that you have time to compare prices. They explain, “A List helps you watch for the best price on an item.” Rather than buying on impulse as you browse pricey displays and end caps,  you can thoughtfully choose each item.

Work the Gift Cards and Rewards

Although it takes time and research, you can get rewards and deals by working with your credit card, bank or loyalty programs. Do your research before you shop so that you can plan around these kickbacks. Since you’ve already make a list, per the tip above, you’ll be prepared with a list of gifts and the best places to get them.

Don’t Add Extras for Yourself

According to the National Retail Federation, 59% of your fellow Americans reported buying gifts for themselves during their holiday shopping last year. These little add-ons can blow your budget. Make sure you stick to your list and don’t buy gifts for yourself while you shop. Instead, add them to your own wishlist.

Calculate Shipping for Long Distance Recipients

Although it’s not as exciting, cards and gift cards are less expensive to ship than wrapped presents. Consider the weight and fees before you ship your gifts to avoid unexpected expenses at the post office.

Save on Christmas Gifts

Now, you can enjoy shopping this season knowing you got the most value out of your Christmas Gifts. One final tip: Ask a shopkeeper to help you save on Christmas Gifts. They’d rather help you find something to match your budget than let you leave disappointed. Do you have any tips for Christmas shopping? Let us know on our Facebook page.


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